Trading your time, energy and life
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Trading your time, energy and life

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

- Henry David Thoreau -

We all make trades in life.

We trade our time. We trade our energy. We trade our attention.

Many of us move through life in constant motion, never stopping to reflect on where that motion is taking us. If it’s helping or hindering us. If the trades we are making daily are letting us live our best lives. If the trades are giving us more quality time with those we care about most. If we can turn up for them fully engaged, energized, and enthused.
Or are we turning up for them tired, distracted, and frustrated?

The trades we make in life take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Questions We Should Be Asking Ourselves

We can keep the trades we are making front and center in our minds by asking some simple but searching questions of ourselves.

  • Are the trades we are making worth the energy/time/effort we are spending on them?
  • Are we likely to see a return on our investment?
  • Are the trades we are making helping us get closer to our goals?
  • Are the trades we are making beneficial to our relationships?
  • Are we present and available for the people we care about most?
  • Are the trades we are making leaving us energized?
  • Are the trades we are making aligned with our moral code?
  • Are the trades we are making giving us the best chance of living a good life?
  • Are we likely to see a return on our investment?

If not, maybe we should be making different trades.

Be aware of where you are making trades in your life. Make them selectively.
Give them your full attention and handle them with the care they deserve.

We are now changing thousands of lives worldwide...
Because of YOU

I would highly recommend you to keep taking time to develop inner peace and strength through breathwork and meditation.

May all be blessed with peace, love and wisdom.

4 February 2021

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