The Life Awareness Project

The Life Awareness Project

Makes self-care techniques available to everyone

Something essential is missing in our society

In fact, we're in a global mental health crisis.

There is a 13% rise in mental health conditions worldwide in the last decade.
75% of people experience stress that impacts their mental and physical health.
548 MM
548 million people are suffering from anxiety and depression.
How can it be the ease of life wealth provides doesn’t lead to increased happiness? 

The simple answer is:
Most of us have never learned to properly cultivate our mind and body.

The effect is that we aren't able to cope with stress and deal with the increased amount of information & material around us. 

The solution is closer than you think. 
You can find it within. 

You have such incredible power, so much wisdom, so much deep knowledge.

Yes you, this is all in you! You just have to know how to access it.

The Life Awareness Project - Yogalap provides tools to find your inner wisdom

We provide everyone with natural and powerful ways to stay centered and train body & mind, whether one can afford it or not. 

Breathwork, Meditation & QiGong make you realize your wonderful power within, the power to observe, heal, manifest, and live a life full of abundance and satisfaction. 

A better world happens when we all have access to those self-care techniques, find our unique strength, and use it to help others.

Yogalap's impact in numbers:
Online Students
Certified Instructors
Yogalap is based on scientifically proven techniques:

Yogalap students have reported improvement in symptoms with health conditions such as excessive stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, addiction, Parkinson's, eczema and other skin issues.

We facilitate the global spiritual revolution by sharing self-care techniques with everyone.

Sharing gives fulfillment. Happiness is contagious. 

You can support the Life Awareness Project by choosing your own price while enrolling in our courses.

For every €20 on top of the minimum price, we're able to give a course to someone who can't afford it. 

Thanks to your support we shared over 21,000 free courses with people who can't afford them.

Together we make this world a more beautiful one.