Become An Expert & Learn How To Teach Breathwork

Certified Breathwork Instructor

  • 110 Lessons
  • Total of 35+ hours of content
  • Personal development program
  • 5 Live sessions with Q&A
  • 'Breath is Life' course included
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Are you ready to take your breathing practice to the next level?

In this extensive breathwork instructor/ coach training program, you will be taught extensively about the science behind breathwork, teaching, how to create sessions responsibly, and how to arrange your life financially to generate an honest way of living out of your teaching.

Above that, this course is also an inner transformation journey of 4 weeks, not only by doing lots of daily breathwork and mind training sessions, but also by daily journaling and life-reflecting assignments to find purpose, clear blockages and manifest a beautiful life for yourself and others.

* This program consists of 2 courses. The first course 'Breath is Life' is self-paced and will take around 4 weeks to complete depending on the participant’s breathwork / pranayama experience. Completion of this course is required before one can start with the 'Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor' course. 

Benefits of this Breathwork Instructor course
  • Become a breathwork/ pranayama expert
  • Purify mind & heart and live from your source
  • Help others to heal and empower
  • Contribute to create a better world
  • Live with purpose and fulfilment
  • Become an inspiration for others
  • Improve your life on all levels
  • Live without financial worries
Who is this course for?
  • Breathwork students and practitioners that want to share this knowledge.
  • Anyone who wants to help others to clear heart & mind and to live healthily.
  • Yoga and meditation teachers, therapists, life coaches, sport/fitness instructors, naturopaths, healers.
  • People that have done the 'Breath Is Life' Course.
What is included in this course?
  • VIDEO LECTURES - Lifetime Access to all course content
  • LIVE Q&A SESSIONS - 5 Live Q&A Sessions with Michaël Bijker.
  • SELF DEVELOPMENT WORKSHEETS - Daily journaling and weekly 'Inner Guidance' sessions.
  • TEMPLATES - for finding clients, promotional emails and breathwork sessions.
  • ONE YEAR ACCESS - You will have 1-year access to the course material and Exclusive access to our Facebook group for Breathwork instructors.
  • CERTIFICATION - LIFE AWARENESS™ Breathwork Instructor Certificate.
breathwork breathing pranayama online course

All course material is available for all devices like tablets, laptops, desktop and mobile devices.

This complete program consists of 2 courses.

First we will do the 'Breath is Life' Breathwork & Pranayama course (included in your purchase). An extensive self-paced course in which you will learn to master 14 different types of breathing and meditation techniques. How much time you need for this depends on your breathwork/ pranayama experience. When you feel you have mastered these techniques you can start the 4-week 'Breathwork Instructor' course to become a certified teacher.

The LIFE AWARENESS™ Breathwork Instructor course consists of 4 pillars over 4 weeks, namely: the theory & science of breathing, becoming a great teacher, mastering the techniques by teaching, your goals & the business side of teaching. Every week for 4 consecutive weeks we will focus on one pillar to make you the ultimate Breathwork Instructor that is able to create positive change in the lives of others.


Week 1: The Science of Breathing and breath-holding

There’s plenty of scientific proof backing up the benefits of breathwork.

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✓ Basic & advanced anatomy and physiology of breathwork
✓ Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
✓ Human Stress Response
✓ The Bohr Effect
✓ Effects of Hyperventilation & Hypoventilation

Week 2: Becoming a truthful and inspiring teacher

The vision of the Life Awareness Project is that to become a good instructor, you have to become what you teach.

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✓ How to live a healthy and energetic life yourself?
✓ What are your abilities and limitations as a guider/teacher?
✓ Live what you teach to truly inspire others
✓ How to create profound, yet safe, experiences for your students/clients
✓ During the 4-week course, you will do daily journaling assignments and breathwork sessions to enhance your personal development

Week 3: Mastering the techniques by teaching & guiding others

To teach in a safe way, you will need to master the techniques. Different situations & groups require different practices. You will learn the framework for creating a session as well as 14 breathwork techniques.

pranayama course1

✓ How to prepare for your sessions
✓ How to create the best possible experience for your students
✓ How to teach different types of people
✓ New breathing techniques for different types of people
✓ A step-by-step tutorial on how to guide a session

Week 4: Continuing your journey as a teacher

Next to the theory & practice of pranayama is it important to dive a little bit into the business side of teaching and coaching.

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✓ How to get new students
✓ Reach out and create a following on social media
✓ Pricing of your sessions
✓ How to plan your sessions
✓ Technical details on how to create online & offline sessions
✓ Client management
✓ Scheduling your sessions
✓ Online and offline teaching

Starting dates for this course
Week 1: Starting your Journey
  • The goal of breathwork and meditation
  • For the coming 4 weeks train yourself to become a good teacher
  • Daily Journaling assignment
  • Building an audience and creating an interest in your work
  • Lifestyle and habits
Week 1: The science of breathing
  • The essence of breathing - Why we breathe - Breathing muscles
  • Basic anatomy of the breathing system
  • Advanced breathwork knowledge - Part 1 (Importance of CO2 - Hyper&Hypoventilation - O2 levels - Vasoconstriction - The Bohr Effect)
  • Advanced breathwork knowledge - Part 2 (Tetany - Tingling - Dizziness - Fainting - Feeing cold)
  • Advanced breathwork knowledge - Part 3 (Hypoxia - Intermittent hypoxia - Long breath-holds - Slow breathing )
  • Advanced breathwork knowledge - Part 4 (CO2 and O2 levels in breathwork explained)
  • Respiratory muscles chart
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath Is Life course' - What is Pranayama
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath Is Life course' - Breathwork & meditation
  • Week 1 Summary - Breathwork knowledge and anatomy
  • Join the Facebook Breathwork Instructor Group
Life Awareness Sessions: Movement - Breathwork - Meditation
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO: A talk about advanced Pranayama
  • SESSION: Basic session 1 - Simple, beginner, deeply relaxing, breathing session
  • SESSION: Basic session 2 - Deeper breathing session to go into a meditative state
  • SESSION: Basic energy releasing and centering session
  • SESSION: Intermediate session 1 - Healing and cleansing heart and mind
  • SESSION: Intermediate session 2 - QiGong, breathwork, creating inner peace
  • SESSION: Intermediate Session 3 - Boosting Energy & Immune System
  • SESSION: Intermediate session 4 - Manifestation session
  • SESSION: Intermediate session 5 – Opening hips, mind and heart
  • SESSION: Advanced Pranayama session 1 (Video session)
  • SESSION: Advanced Pranayama session 2 (Video session)
  • Create a session for yourself you can do every day
  • SESSION: Setting your Intention
Week 2: Personal development to become a great teacher
  • Reminders for week 2
  • Guiding others - You cannot give what you don't have
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Diet & nutrition - You are what you eat
  • Proper diet & Nutrition overview (text)
  • Subtle & Gross layers of reality
Week 2: The power of the breath
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath is Life' course - 'Tuning of the breath'
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathatic nervous system & Human Stress Response
  • Strong vs Gentle breathing practices - Part 1
  • Breathwork/ Yoga when menstruating
  • Breathwork and Pranayama when pregnant
  • Right and wrong breathing habits
  • Importance of Nasal breathing
  • Benefits and precautions of Breathing practices
  • Benefits and precautions of all breathing techniques (written)
  • Different breathing techniques as different tools
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath Is Life' course - 'A talk about advanced pranayama'
  • Breathing more than just air, breathing with all layers of your being
  • Week 2 Summary
Week 3: Teaching & guiding others
  • Reminders for week 3
  • Introduction to 'Cleansing of the heart center' session
  • SESSION: Cleansing of the heart (emotional) center
  • Guiding others Part 1 - Creating a profound experience
  • Strong VS Subtle breathing practices - Part 2
  • Guiding others Part 2 - The right setting, atmosphere and energy
  • Guiding others part 3 - Give time, create space
  • Teaching seniors
  • Teaching children
  • The importance of movement and warming up before a breathing session
  • SESSION: Stretching of the breathing muscles/ warm-up before breathwork session
  • Safety and guidelines when guiding a session
  • Step-by-step explanation: How to guide a session
  • Creating a session. Setting the right atmosphere. Using props.
  • Framework for creating a session
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath Is Life' course - 'Layers of the Self'
  • Week 3 Summary
  • Benefits of Pranayama
Week 4: Continuing your journey as a teacher
  • Reminders for week 4
  • Taking credit for your work and the ego
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from 'Breath Is Life' course - 'Taking the awareness deeper within'
  • What is success?
  • Business/ Sharing your knowledge and making it supportive for yourself and others
  • Manifesting your goals
  • What do you need to create online sessions?
  • Assignment: Recording a session
  • Boundaries and limitations of work
  • Booking, reservation, payment and pricing
  • Money
  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO from the 'Breath Is Life' course - Your 'True Nature'
  • Assignment: Creating a session 1 | Group of 30 year old business women
  • Assignment: Creating a session 2 | One-on-one session - 58 year old lady
  • Assignment: Creating a session 3 | Group of advanced yogis
  • Assignment: Creating a session 4 | Office employees lunchbreak session
  • Week 4 Summary
  • Breathwork Instructor Course Exam
  • Email template for getting students
  • Testimonial
  • Certification

To join the 4-week breathwork Instructor course one must have:

  • First complete the ‘Breath Is Life’ breathwork & meditation course. This course is included. (See course here) 
  • An honest and truthful desire to share this knowledge and not only use it for business purposes
  • A strong commitment for the coming 4 weeks to spend 2 x 40 minutes a day to learn more about the techniques and to become a great teacher

You will learn the following breathwork/pranayama techniques:

✓ ChidShakti pranayama | energy & consciousness awakening breathing

✓ Yogic breathing | full-body breathing/ Wim Hof Breathing

✓ Anulom Vilom pranayama | alternate nostril breathing

✓ Shodhana pranayama | energy channel purification breath

✓ Kapalbhati pranayama | skull cleansing breath

✓ Bhastrika pranayama | breath of fire

✓ Ujjayi pranayama | victorious breath

✓ Energy Awakening Spinal Breath | kundalini awakening breath

✓ Kaki Mudra pranayama | crow’s beak breath

✓ Pranava pranayama  | universal energy breathing

✓ Bahya pranayama | expelling breath

✓ Bhramari pranayama | bees breath

✓ Sama Vritti Pranayama | Box/ square breathing & Triangular breathing

✓ Vishama Vritti Pranayama | Uneven ratio breathing techniques

✓ Conscious Connected Breathing

✓ Udgeeth pranayama | chanting of AUM

In this 4-week course it is not only the goal to be knowledgable in the facts scientific facts and know-how of breathwork, but also to BE a good teacher by developing your own practice and get clear what your true goal is in life and what could be blocking you from reaching this.

So, besides watching and studying the pre-recorded lectures, you will also have to do daily breathwork sessions (either guided sessions or by yourself) and make daily journaling assignments. This will take around 2 x 50 minutes of your day, depending on the session you want to do.

The course takes 4-weeks and consists of the following elements you will have to do every day, in your own time at your own pace:

  • Watch/ study the pre-recorded video lectures and written lectures. (5 - 20 minutes per lecture)
  • Daily journaling assignment for the morning and evening (this will take about 5-10 minutes per session)
  • Doing a breathwork session by yourself or do one of the guided sessions that are included in the course. (30 - 50 minutes per session)

Also, there will be live Q&A sessions. If you somehow cannot join them, you can watch a recording of the session. There will be:

  • 1 live welcoming video session with an explanation and a short meditation to set your intention for your path to becoming a great teacher.
  • 4 live video sessions with Q&A of around 60 minutes every Saturday during the 4-week course at 16:00 (London time)

It can happen that you cannot join some of the Live Q&A sessions for whatever reason. It is of course best to join them, however, if you can't join the live session it is still possible to watch it afterward as well. All students will get exclusive access to all recorded material.

During the 4-week course, there will be 5 live sessions every Saturday at 16:00 - London Time.
In case you cannot make it to the live sessions, which of course can happen, you can watch a recording of the session.

It is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, not to make it a business. There are of course a lot of costs made and people have to be paid (a programmer, web designer, marketing personnel, advertisements, my own cost of living, etc...). This is what I feel is a fair price to pay for this knowledge, to have the commitment and to support our project.

In order to receive a certificate of completion, one must have done all the lectures and must pass the test at the end of the course. You will then receive an email to download your certificate!

You will have "Lifetime" access to the course material. This means for as long as the Life Awareness Project is online which is for many more decades to come :)

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Certified Breathwork Instructor

Become a certified instructor and learn how to inspire, heal & support others by using scientifically proven breathwork techniques.

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  • The most complete and in-depth Breathwork Instructor course out there.
  • Create wonderful change in your environment and be an inspiration to others
  • Develop yourself by teaching others using your mind & heart
  • Interactive course: 5 live sessions with Michael Bijker
  • Access to a community with Instructors from all around the world breathing together.
  • Bonus: ‘Safe space’ to facilitate practice sessions
  • Bonus: Journaling assignments to get the most out of yourself as a teacher
  • Bonus: Breath is Life course: Master 15 breathwork & pranayama techniques
  • Bonus: The business side of being an instructor - learn how to monetize your skills
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