Weekly Live Sessions with Life Awareness™ Teachers

Weekly Live Sessions with Life Awareness™ Teachers

Join us this Sunday for an exciting start to our live sessions with our team of Life Awareness teachers!

Every Sunday at 4 PM London Time. Expect a blend of light movement exercises, pranayama breathing practices, theory, and meditation.

Join our Sunday Sangha Sessions

Currently led by our experienced Life Awareness Project teacher, Thomas Mathias, this session marks the beginning of our regular Sunday community practice.

These donation-based sessions are crafted to bring consistency to your practice and foster a sense of 'Sangha'—an ancient principle highlighting the importance of spiritual community and shared practice. It's about coming together with like-minded individuals, supporting one another on our journeys, and collectively seeking growth and enlightenment.

In our sessions, you'll not only deepen your understanding of yoga and meditation but also have the opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners who share your passion for well-being. Through shared experiences, conversations, and mutual support, we foster a sense of belonging and unity.

So, secure your spot now by using the form below to sign up and receive your exclusive link to join us this Sunday.

We're eagerly anticipating your presence and the opportunity to grow together in this journey.

Introducing Thomas

Your weekly Sunday instructor for the upcoming months is Thomas Mathias, an international yoga and meditation teacher. With a unique synthesis of eastern philosophy, meditation, pranayama, yoga, non-duality, and life force cultivating practices, Thomas leads workshops, retreats, and private mentorships.

Thomas's journey began when he discovered the life transformative power of meditation after living a life of turmoil with hardships and living a wild life. After that he felt compelled to delve deeper into the power of meditation and he soon packed his bags and headed to Thailand, where he had his first transformative meditation experience in a monastery. Since then, he has spent nearly a decade traveling the world, often returning to India, learning from various teachers, lineages, and spiritual schools. In 2021, he relocated to Southern Portugal, where he deepened his pranayama and QiGong practice with Michaël Bijker. He lives and breathes yoga every day and loves sharing the practice with others.

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