Life Awareness™ Transformation Experience

Life Awareness™ Transformation Experience

Reset, Recharge & Reconnect your Life! 

It's time to pause, step back, and allow yourself the opportunity to reflect, recharge, and redefine your life path. A life-changing experience to connect with nature, train your mind & body, and awaken your full potential! 

The transformative event, led by Michaël Bijker and our team of certified Life Awareness teachers, offers you the ideal setting to go on a journey of self-discovery and growth in the picturesque coastal landscape of Sagres, Portugal.

This complete 4-day program is a combination of empowering and enlightening yoga, breathwork and meditation sessions. Combined with ice-baths, QiGong, and mind training sessions, it will help you to uncover the power within yourself. A breathwork retreat in Portugal to redefine your priorities, and experience meaningful growth as you work towards new life goals.

The perfect place to connect with your true self and nature

The retreat will be held in the Award-Winning Memmo Baleeira Hotel. With its awe-inspiring ocean views, great location and setting, it provides the perfect backdrop for your transformative journey. It has a spacious yoga room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The area is surrounded by some of the world's most wonderful and impressive beaches and during this event there will be yoga, breathwork and QiGong sessions on the beach and in the forest.  


Life Awareness Breathwork Retreat Dates 2024-

27 - 30 September
11 - 14 October
Single Ocean View Room
Double Ocean View Room
External Stay *
(Arrange your own accommodation, breakfast & diner)


Can't make these dates? Find more dates here

Price per Person, All-Inclusive except for Flights, Transportation and Travel Insurance.

"This experience has been completely life-changing for me. I feel so relaxed, empowered, and connected again! I am ready to make some drastic changes in my life. Thank you for making this possible."

- Jenna V, UK -

Create lasting change in your life

A long weekend to step away from your daily routines and habits that fill your everyday life, and learn to create the best version of your life. It is amazing how much positive change will happen after joining this retreat. This is a comprehensive reset for both your mind and body and establishing a foundation for lasting health and happiness.

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Share meaningful experiences, create lasting bonds, and immerse yourself in a welcoming environment that takes care of everything allowing you to focus on your transformational process.

Breathwork retreat Sagres Portugal

"This retreat, those courses and teachers are amazing!
Brilliant with so much knowledge, wisdom, awareness, humanity and ability to transform all this to the participants!
Go there! Enjoy! Grow and be happy!"

-Unn Dahlmann, 2023-

A Breathwork, Yoga, QiGong and Nature Retreat to Awaken your Full Potential~

  • Reset your habit patterns, generate lasting happiness, and tap into a flow state.
  • Initiate the process of manifesting your healthiest, happiest, and most connected life.
  • Purify your mind and heart, reconnect with your True Self, and live authentically from your source. A journey to explore the depths of your spiritual being through transformative practices.
  • Open yourself up to a transformative journey that not only cleanses your emotional system but also clears the clutter from your mind to unlock your full potential.

"All I would say is if you have had thoughts about attending the retreat, do no hesitate just go ahead and book it as you will not be disappointed! Also a big thank you to Michaël and his team as well as all the hotel staff they made it extra special!"

-Vijay Sheemar, 2023-


What's included in this retreat?

  • 3-Night Stay in Design Hotel in Sagres Portugal

  • 11 Life Awareness Sessions, including Dynamic Yoga, QiGong, Mind-Training sessions, and Transformative Breathwork

  • Ice Bath Workshop and Session to train your mind and boost your immune system

  • Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra to restore and re-energize

  • Guided integration group sessions to deepen your experience

  • Guided Nature Hike and Forest QiGong session in the scenic National Park St. Vicente

  • Free use of Spa, Gym, Sauna, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools

  • Healthy & nurtitious vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch & diner) 


Life Awareness Breathwork Retreat Dates 2024-

27 - 30 September
11 - 14 October
Single Ocean View Room
Double Ocean View Room
External Stay *
(Arrange your own accommodation, breakfast & diner)


Can't make these dates? Find more dates here

Price per Person, All-Inclusive except for Flights, Transportation and Travel Insurance.



Are you ready to rediscover your true self and create a better life? 


If the answer is yes, this transformative experience is for you.


  • Start your transformative journey to reclaim your life, rediscover joy, and empower yourself.

  • Establish a foundation for lasting health and happiness with yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more.

  • Purify your mind and body, reconnect with your inner self, and explore spiritual depths.

  • Open yourself to a journey that cleanses emotions and offers a a new look on your life.

Yoga & Breathwork Retreat Portugal


Day 1

13:00 Check-in

14:00 Introduction 

15:30 Life Awareness Session "Activation" 

18:00 Integration Group Work

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Evening Relaxation and Guided Meditation

22:00 Reflection 


Day 2

07:30 Sunrise Meditation and Life Awareness Session "Re-connect"

09:30 Breakfast

11:00 Dynamic Meditation and Transformative Breathwork

13:00 Lunch on the Beach

14:30 Guided Nature Hike  

16:00 Forest Meditation and QiGong 

18:00 Integration Group Work

20:30 YinYoga and Yoga Nidra 

22:00 Reflection


Day 3

07:30 Sunrise Meditation and Dynamic Yoga "Re-create"

09:30 Breakfast

11:00 Theory about Breathwork, Meditation, and Cold Water Immersion 

13:00 Lunch on the Beach 

15:00 Movement and Meditation "Empowerment"

16:00 Cold Water Immersion 

16:30 Sound Healing 

18:00 Integration Group Work 

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Evening Relaxation and Guided Meditation 

22:00 Reflection 


Day 4

07:30 Sunrise Meditation and Dynamic Yoga " Inner Wisdom"

09:30 Breakfast

10:30 Final Session "Integration and Gratitude"

11:30 Goodbye

Getting to the retreat. 

This transformative event will be held in the Memmo Baleeira design hotel in the town of Sagres. The closest airport is Faro, or you can fly to Lisbon.

There are several ways to get to us: 

  • From Faro airport you can either rent a car at the airport and drive to the retreat.

  •  you can check or several cheap transport options.

  • Taxi transfer from Faro aiport which costs ±125 € ( a 1hr 20min drive for which they will probably charge a lot more when arranging it on the airport )
    SouthWest Taxi service details:

    Telephone nr.: +351 935578967 or +351 935579443


    They also have a shuttle service from and to the airport for 30€. Please contact them directly for enquiries.

  • Rent a car 

  • Or catch a train or bus to the town of Lagos (30 kms from Sagres where we hold our retreats) 
    Train:     Bus : 
     From the station you can get a taxi/ Uber to Sagres

Airport transfer to the hotel is not included in the price. 

If you need help in finding timetables for trains, email us and we will help you to find the easiest way and time to commute to us. 

Retreat Address

Hotel Memmo Baleeira
Sitio da Baleeira
8650-357 Sagres

The perfect location for a transformational breathwork, yoga and mind-training retreat.

This transformational yoga, QiGong  and breathwork retreat is held in the beautiful wild southwest of Algarve Portugal, in the mythical town of Sagres. The venue will be the Memmo Baleeira, 4* design hotel, located right in front of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect location for this transformational retreat to relax and enjoy the local outdoor activities and of course to experience nature to the full, starting with the sunrise which you can watch from your room – It rises right in front of the bay behind the protected islands of Martinhal. Our hotel guest can make free use of facilities like Spa, sauna, indoor, and outdoor pool, and a gym.
See more about the hotel:

Connect with nature and optimize your well-being

For many centuries this place was considered a sacred place and a ritual site (Sagres means "Sacred"). It is located in the most SW point of Europe and was a place of rituals and worship by the Romans and civilizations that inhabited the area before that. Monolites and ritualistic remains are found in the area, it has a high level of quarts and other minerals in the ground, and is surrounded by an impressive coastline with many hidden beaches and caves. 

Besides being a perfect area for transformational and spiritual practices, the area is great for many activities such as hiking, surfing, rock-climbing, dolphin watching, cycling, and many more activities. Almost like an island, the southwest coast of the Algarve in Portugal Europe, is a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Ocean from west to south.

This is a mind-training, yoga, breathwork retreat in Portugal for anyone who is looking to learn, improve or change their lives, regardless of age or skill level. It is however essential to do Michaēl Bijker's online "7-day essentials course" first. (You will receive free access to this course upon booking your retreat.) In this course you will learn the basic brethwork and meditation techniques which will help you to get the most out of your retreat experience. If you have any doubts about joining this retreat, please contact us through and we will help you from there. 

Our Philosophy

Michaēl Bijker, the founder of the Life Awareness Project, and main teacher on this retreat says: 

“Life is a great ocean of potentials. We are sailing on this ocean and we are the captain of our own ship. In order to set our destination and to sail where we want to sail, we have to maintain our vessel in good condition, we need to know the workings of our ship, the workings of the tides, the currents and the weather. So too must we know the workings of our mind in order to create and to live fully.
If we want to learn we have to pay attention. Attention, awareness or consciousness is something that we tend to lack during most of our lives. if we want to feel the connection with the Moment, the NOW, or God, the Creator or what ever way one looks at it, or whatever one wants to call it we have to become sensitive and conscious. We are a part of universal creation just as creation is a part of us. When we awaken we can flow and create harmoniously with the universal creative force.
We are conscious, sensitive and creative beings that have the power and the right to decide our state of mind. We experience this life with both our body and mind.  If they are healthy and 'correctly tuned', a harmonious life unfolds in and around us. If we are unaware of the workings of them and live with  unconsciously, we will be victims of all the negative states our thoughts and actions produce in our daily life. We can train our mind and body to become more aware and more conscious about our lives and the reality it produces. During this retreat in Portugal you will develop a more content, creative and peaceful state of mind for a more enjoyable and connected life.”



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A life-changing experience that will inspire your soul and leave you feeling revitalized and empowered. Our team is ready to receive you. We provide you with the best support and environment possible to help you reconnect with yourself. 

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The teachers


Michaël Bijker is one of the world's leading breathwork teachers. He is a QiGong and meditation teacher, and a certified 800hr YogaAlliance teacher with a yoga therapy certification from Paramanand institute of yoga sciences & research,Indore. With over 100.000 students in over 150 countries, his teachings have touched the lives of many people all over the globe. 

Since a young age he has been practicing meditation, mind training and spiritual practices. He has been traveling around the world encountering more knowledge for his passion for body and mind work, especially Mediation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Surfing and other techniques. 
After his traveling and self-development he found this piece of paradise in Europe to be the ideal place to set up this kind of retreats with surfing yoga meditation and other activities. Focusing on the importance of connecting the mind and the body throughout the awareness that you can get from mind and body exercises helping each person to get to know it's real nature and essence, helping each person with a wonderful technique to free your mind .

Giullia yoga breathwork retreat

Giulia Taiocchi is originally from Italy, and studied at the Paramanand Institute of Yoga Research and Science in Indore, India. She moved from Italy to Portugal where she conceives Yoga as a way of living. Practicing daily helps her to understand her body and energy, to increase confidence, creativity and joy in life. With her bright, calm, and focused enthusiasm, she shares this wonderful journey with her students.

Giulia is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist, as well as a certified Life Awareness™ Breathwork Instructor. Her focus is on Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork. She also offers Tibetan Sound Healing.

Introducing Thomas

Thomas Mathias, is your guide on the journey to inner peace and well-being. Thomas is not just your average yoga and meditation teacher – he's an explorer of the mind and spirit, sharing ancient wisdom to help you find your balance.

His own journey started amidst chaos and struggles, but a spark of curiosity led him to the transformative power of meditation. Inspired, he traveled the world in search of deeper truths and practices.Thomas learned from the teachings of various masters and lineages. In 2021, he found himself in Southern Portugal, where he further deepened his skills under the guidance of Michaël Bijker, delving into the profound practices of pranayama and QiGong.

Join Thomas as he blends eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga, and more, creating a synergy of healing and growth. Together, let's breathe, move, and discover the magic of inner peace.

breathwork yoga portugal algarve

Jana Tonat will be our wonderful host for this retreat. She comes originally from Germany, and with genuine excitement she is ready to host you during this week. Jana takes joy in connecting with new faces, indulging in meaningful conversations, and sharing laughter and positive vibes along the journey. Always attentive, she lends a listening ear to any concerns or problems, striving to offer immediate solutions. Having immersed herself in the charm of the Algarve for several years now, Jana is well-prepared to share insider tips, ensuring you have the most enriching experience and discover the region's most breathtaking spots.

We hope you can take time for yourself to join this life-changing experience. Feel rejuvenated, empowered, and ready to embrace the world with renewed energy and clarity! 

breathwork retreat and meditation


"There was simply something for everyone. We had a 90-minute session every morning and evening that consisted of a mixture of yoga, breathwork, QiGong and meditations. In between we had a mix of free time, hiking, surfing, fine vegetarian food and lots of time to chat with our group colleagues.
The retreat brought me so much.
Thanks to Michaël and the entire yogalap team"

-Christoph Mechtler, 2023-