Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Meditation Center

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Meditation Center

Ask any question about our QiGong, meditation & breathwork courses!

If you have no experience with pranayama, movement, or mind training, we highly recommend you to start with our starter course, the 7 Day Essentials Course.

The Essentials course is a 7-day challenge in which you will learn the essential techniques of the Life Awareness Project to train mind and body and create a better life for yourself and others.

Absolutely! The wonderful thing about the Life Awareness Project Program is that it teaches you what breathing, movement and body exercises to use in various situations. 

We highly advise you to focus mostly on calm and gentle breathing practices. You want to give the life that is growing inside you a sense of security and peace, and for that, it is best to do calm and meditative breathing techniques. So do your daily breath-work sessions gently, with ease and calm. Do the stronger breathing practices very very calm and gentle. Don't do long breath-holds. Basically, you don't want to be influencing your blood pressure system and hormone system too much and that is something you do by doing stronger techniques and long breath holds.
Breathing more than you need is called hyperventilation, this is something one would normally do during most of the stronger breathing practices and has many wonderful benefits, but is something you want to avoid if you are pregnant.

It actually also depends on your amount of experience with yoga and breathwork and your fitness level etc… But it is good to be on the safe side :)

Yes, it is an excellent idea to introduce breathwork, movement and mind training to your children. 

We do recommend for children to practice the exercises within the Life Awareness Project Program with the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. It is a great way to spend time together and strengthen the bond while ensuring the safety of your child.

If you are experiencing a cold or not feeling well, it is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and rest. Instead of not practicing at all, it is recommended that you use the right exercises to speed up your recovery.

So instead of using strong breathing techniques, focus on the gentle breathing techniques, try meditation if this wasn’t part of your practice yet. Be gentle with the body.

If you are not feeling well, pain increases or your cold is getting worse, we highly advise you to contact a health provider for a medical check-up.

Anxiety has a lot of negative side effects on our body and mental health. Breathing is a very powerful and wonderful tool to, not only become strong and healthy but also to work with the mind and emotions.

In order to become a certified Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor, you must successfully complete the Breathwork Instructor Course (BIC). It is a prerequisite to have done the Breath Is Life Course before enrolling in the BIC. More information about the course, dates and details can be found on our Breathwork Instructor Page.

That is absolutely not a problem (explain the app). The entire Life Awareness Project Platform is “mobile responsive” meaning that it will adapt to your device – whether you use a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Whether you use iOS, Android, or Windows… it runs well on all systems. 

If you experience any technical issues, please reach out per email to

You can stream the videos and access the course files from any device with internet access.

Yes, definitely!

Although it's worth trying to attend the live sessions as these are experienced as highly motivating and inspiring if you are not able to join, no problem. The live sessions will be recorded and are available exclusively to all students. You can replay the sessions at any moment.

You will have one year of access to the course material.

Michaël is focused on developing new projects and valuable content to create the most transformational experience for you and everyone involved with the Life Awareness Project. For this reason, it may be that Michael doesn't answer your inquiry personally. His team is dealing with the support requests and will get back to you when possible.

If your answer wasn’t covered in the FAQs, please send us an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please be aware that on Sundays we have our “Digital Detox Sunday” so we’ll get back to you first thing Monday morning ;-)

According to our former students:

Thank you Michael for your time and amazing input, it was nice to listen to you. You really talking with your heart and this I can feel, really important questions and for sure, that's the only right way, follow your heart if you running for the money you will not be successful, create good vibration in yourself - do it with kindness follow your heart and your flow than all is coming good. Thanks for this teaching.



Wonderful genuine energy. Really enjoyed your session. Thank you



I experienced Michael as a deeply embodied being and there was a presence that seemed to radiate through the screen. I loved the wisdom around the self inquiry with one's intention into the WHY we are training / wanting to facilitate etc. While I love holotrophic and more intense breathwork - I appreciated his response to the question at the end around trauma.



Michael has taught me to be able to trust the process and go with the flow and naturally things will happen perfectly. He has so much wisdom and a great nature. Thank you Michael!!



Loved the reflection activity on why I decided on breathwork facilitator training for myself - and what I want to share with others. Michael is a very insightful teacher and I resonated when he spoke about the light within being lit before it can shine out into the world. And pranayama leading to the realisation that you are much more than the physical body - so powerful.


We're actively addressing a bug that prevents the installation of the app on Android devices with versions released after September 1st. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing and are committed to resolving this issue as swiftly as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.