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Once the techniques help you cultivate happiness within yourself, you automatically brighten up the world of others around you too! That's the ripple effect of happiness. A simple mechanism that keeps our community growing and our students sharing the techniques with others, making this world a better place.

How Nathan now has more energy to share with others.

How Jay is around Breathwork modalities for years and BIC was life-changing to him.

How BIC changed Amanda's life and she can't wait to share what she learned with others.

How James is practicing Breathwork for 10 years and deepened his practice by doing BIC.

How excited Aleksandra is to teach the techniques she's learned to others.

How Anton was able to manage the ups and downs of life through breathwork.

Stories from our community

Photo silhouette Lee Fernandez

"How Breathwork helped Lee as a Yoga Teacher"

My life has changed a lot since I've been doing breathwork and pranayama. My yoga practice has changed. My confidence has really gone up. I'm teaching my own classes a lot more and I've been adding breathwork sessions to all the yoga classes that I’m guiding. My friends and my small yoga community are really starting to see the power in the breath and how it can get you into deep meditation and stuff. It's starting to ripple out. 

Photo silhouette Bradley Thompson

"How breathwork helped Bradley to overcome addiction"

Through Michaël's teachings and putting them into practice, I discovered things in me that I didn't know existed. My life evolved for the better on a personal level. Michaël's got his knowledge and wisdom and the way he comes across with it, it just sparked something within me. The more I practiced the breathwork and pranayama techniques with him, the more I had these self-realizations that changed my life.

"How breathwork sessions helped Nina through hardship"

Everybody should do these kinds of pranayama and breathwork practices every day. You will feel the positive effects and impact immediately and when something is good for you, you tend to continue with it. What I want to get across is that if you just start doing the breathing, then the rest is actually coming to you.