How to become a Pranayama Breathwork Instructor in 5 steps
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How to become a Pranayama Breathwork Instructor in 5 steps

If you’re reading this article on how to become a Breathwork Instructor, then you know that there is so much power in breathwork.

With proper breathing techniques, not only are we able to make the body physically strong, healthy, relaxed, and empowered, but we are also able to reprogram the mind. 

If the mind is troubled or the emotional system is blocked, these can be released, cleansed, and taken out of our system through proper breathwork practices. As a Breathwork Instructor, you will have the incredible power to facilitate these transformations for other people in your environment. 

More and more people see the benefits of practices such as breathwork & meditation. The demand for coaching is rising because it is a medication that the world needs now more than ever. It is vital, especially nowadays, to have a good immune system. Volumes of studies have been done to create remedies to address human diseases – which are, to begin with, caused by unhealthy ways of living.

The search for fixes, cures and remedies remains as they are: we are biased toward looking for temporary outside fixes. Putting one band-aid solution on top of the other. We must remember that the best way to resolve these or avoid them altogether, is to address our overall health from WITHIN. This is where breathwork’s mental and physical benefits come into play, and this is where you can help.

Master the different breathing techniques

There are many different breathing techniques, and it’s important to learn both the strong and the subtle techniques. Some are about strengthening, while others are more about returning to one’s center to harmonize and calm down. Strong breathing techniques can be great for getting blockages out of the system, energizing, and releasing a lot of tension. And for those of you who have already done some of my courses, you’ve learned that there has to be a balance in both the strong and the calm breathing techniques. 


Start small and share your experiences with others

Once you start to see and feel how breathwork has empowered you in different aspects of your life, you can start to feel that you would like to share this knowledge. That the intention is really to share your personal journey, your results, and your experiences. It’s never about the money. 

The intention should be pure. It should come from the heart where you feel that you want to share what you have found in life. It’s also very important when we want to become good teachers that we start to teach from what we know, what you really have experienced and not just what you have read somewhere or all the information we have gathered with our minds, but we have not felt nor experienced it. To become good teachers, we must have experienced what we preach firsthand. 


Make it a Habit

If you aren’t practicing daily yet, I recommend doing it for at least four weeks. Make sure that you deep-dive into your breathing practice every day. Journal your experience, and write things down. Make it an experience to reflect deeply: What is still blocking you from the life you really want? How can you start to manifest things in your life? How can you start to become a good teacher, a pure teacher with good intentions? How can you start to recognize other people's needs, be tuned in with the mind and emotional system, learn how to work with people and create some sessions that can really change other people's lives?

Because, to be able to do that – to create healing and uplifting experiences for others, we must FIRST be able to apply that to our own lives. It's important to heal yourself first. Once you’ve felt the wonderful benefits and you've been healed, you can start healing others mentally and physically. You have to embody what you preach. 

I can’t reiterate this enough: learning these simple breathing techniques is the future. We all have to realize we cannot be too dependent on outside remedies for creating health in our lives. Health and healing have to come from within. When the mind and emotional system are disturbed, it sends signals to the body, creating a similarly disturbed environment – which results in disturbed functionalities of the different organs. Even with our lifestyle choices, the food we choose to fuel our body and how much intake we allow. All of these are vital factors for health. 


Plan Your Journey

Next, plan your next steps in beginning your Breathwork Instructor journey. You must be very clear and specific about your intentions with teaching breathwork from within yourself. Ask yourself: What would you like to share with others in their lives? Is it that you want to help others become happy and healthy, to heal others, perhaps to help them find what you found in your own life? Take a moment to write those down.

And then you need to ask yourself: How has breathwork helped you in your life? Did it help you and bring you wonderful results? List them all down.

Next, ask yourself: How do you see yourself about a year from now? If every day you would've been doing a lot of breathwork practices and a lot of meditation, you would be healing your own emotional system, your mind. You would be living healthy and empowered. How would you see yourself one year from now? 

Now that those are answered from within you take the next step and ask yourself HOW you want to conduct your lessons. How do you want to share your knowledge: would it be on an online platform? A live class in a yoga studio? Would you want to create your own center, perhaps? Take a moment to think about that. Once you have that clear, you’ll be able to take further steps necessary. 


Be part of the breathwork movement that will change the world

I strongly believe that great and wonderful changes are happening in this world. And though it sometimes goes with a bit of struggle, this change and stepping out of our comfort zone can help us learn to live in gracious flow to be in this world. We realize that we are so much more than just this physical body, that there is an inner peace constantly there, this connection with life with God and that we can bring some light into this world, bringing some healing into this world that the world needs so much. And these changes are all starting to happen. People are starting to wake up to this power within the solution that comes from within. 

Join in with creating this healing within yourself and in the world. 

Do you want a little help?

In my Breathwork Instructor Course, you get a full module of four weeks (you can take it longer if you wish), where you go through a whole process of getting to know breathwork techniques on a deeper level, both strong and subtle techniques. You get to learn all fourteen (14) different techniques. In the process, you will get to observe yourself on a deeper level: What happens to your body when you do strong breathing techniques? What state of mind do you get into? What happens to your emotional system? How can you deal with agitation? How do you start to open up and let your healing process begin? You will find how you can take these learnings as tools you can optimize for developing your well-being. 

The Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor Course is a complete breathwork, Pranayama, and meditation program. It consists of two courses, in the first part with 14 breathing and pranayama techniques, essential meditation techniques, and developing a solid self-practice and understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions. The second part is an intensive four-week training program focused on deepening your knowledge and becoming a great teacher. This part consists of over 75 sessions, 25 articles, and brain-enhancing audio files for your own practice; you will get five weekly Q&A sessions, advanced breathwork tutorials and sessions, and basic and advanced breathwork and anatomy classes. You’ll also get better insights through the self-development program of journaling assignments, inner wisdom sessions, and practical insights to apply to your everyday life. After finishing the course, you will have gone through a journey of inner transformation and have learned all the knowledge to become an inspiring, empowering, and true breathwork instructor. 

Start your training today, develop a light within yourself, and start shining it into the world.

I wish you peace, love, and wisdom.

30 November 2022

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