Beating Burnout - One Breath at a Time
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Beating Burnout - One Breath at a Time

Does your organization have cases of employee burnout? What steps have you taken to alleviate the situation? 

In 2020, the World Health Organization has officially classified burnout as a disease. It is a condition characterized by feelings of helplessness, energy depletion, reduced work productivity, a sense of failure and self-doubt; and is a result of chronic stress over prolonged periods of time. 

A recent report from Indeed found that employee burnout is on the rise: 52% of all workers are feeling burned out, up +9% from a pre-COVID survey. In the same study, it shows that 67% of workers believe that burnout has worsened during the pandemic, of which toll is more apparent among older generations. Among all respondents, 80% believe that COVID-19 has impacted workplace burnout. (Image: courtesy of Indeed)




Extreme cases have led to complete and utter loss of motivation, an increasingly cynical and negative outlook on life, detachment and feeling alone in the world. It is identified that burnout is, in fact, not just an individual experience. People struggling with these symptoms may actually spread these symptoms to others. 

Workplace stress not only impacts individual employee health, it creates a ripple effect causing a major dent in the company’s revenues as well. A study by the American Psychological Association indicates that workplace stress has an estimated impact loss in the US economy of more than $500 billion dollars; wherein each year there are 550 million workdays lost. Given these shocking numbers, now more than ever, it’s getting more and more apparent how important it is to develop ways and create policies to improve workplace culture and put an end to this tragic trend of burnout cases. On the individual level, there should also be a willingness to detach from this toxic sense of productivity, which is in fact proving to be counterproductive. 

The good news is that it can be properly addressed with the right approach and resources. Leaders across the globe have begun taking steps to battle this serious rise of burnout cases in their human resources. Many companies are now opening their doors to adjusted benefits in the past year, to be more inclusive and thereby provide employees with ways and resources to reduce stress. In fact, a survey done by Mental Health America found that people are open to participating in mental health solutions should these be offered by their organization; activities such as meditation sessions, mindful eating classes, virtual workouts, online yoga classes, and webinars on mental health. (Image: courtesy of Mental Health America)


Scientific findings on how taking breaks and doing meditation improve productivity and reduce overwhelm. Benefits of meditation include reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, lengthening attention span, improving sleep, helping alleviate pain, and better blood pressure and circulation among many others. The best news is that it is available and can be offered and accessed anywhere. You’ll be glad to know how very simple it actually is to implement, all the more to cultivate it as part of your organization’s work culture. 

Meditation Moments is one of our course offerings for individuals as well as companies who want to take care of the mental health of their employees. This course can help businesses roll out a mental health awareness campaign within their organization. With Meditation Moments, we encourage employers to motivate their employees to take these steps to provide members of their organization with the support needed to alleviate burnout. Specifically, to meditate during their breaks, wherein they can recharge and recenter. 

This course brings a wealth of solutions for individuals and companies to address the mental health care needs of their organization. In as short as only five minutes a day, you may optimize this initiative to motivate your employees to have a meditative break; and it ensures significant benefits to your workforce.

You have the power of decision to create a better, healthier life for yourself and your organization. You can take that step today. 

For more information on Meditation Moments, you can read more here

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Yogalap founder Michaël Bijker has been improving the mental and physical well-being of thousands of people around the world from all genders, backgrounds, and educational levels. Over 110.000 people in 176 countries have enrolled in his courses and this has been life-changing for many of them. By offering online and offline courses, a community platform and retreats he has been able to share his powerful techniques that awaken the full potential that is inside all of us. 

Michaël has felt a connection with that source since he started his spiritual journey at the age of 14. Four years later, he was able to heal and recover from a devastating car crash through the powerful methods of QiGong and Yoga, and the grace of God. Medical professionals considered this almost impossible. Michaël has dedicated his life to helping others learn his powerful techniques ever since.

Michaël traveled the world for over a decade to deepen his study and practice in the power of mind and body focusing on Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Pranayama, QiGong, and other modalities. He developed techniques to cultivate that ‘light within’, give health, focus, and strength, and make one realize their calling and essence in life. His teachings are inspired by the masters he studied with, by Life, and by the wisdom that flows from being connected with one’s source. 

Since 2010 Michaël has settled in Sagres, Portugal, to share his wisdom. He wakes up every day to help others realize one’s true essence and live a more healthy, purposeful, and empowered life.

For interviews and podcast guesting invitations for Michaël, please contact us at 




2 July 2022

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