Which course is suitable for me?

Which course is suitable for me?

Don’t know where to start?: Do the 7-days Essentials course

Do you want to learn to meditate and train the mind? : Do the meditation course

Do you want to learn to calm your mind with short 7 minute sessions you can do at any time of the day? Do the Meditation Moments Course

Are you interested in using the breath to make mind and body strong and healthy? : Pranayama/ breathwork course

Are you a Yoga practitioner/ teacher and want to deepen your practice? : Pranayama/ breathwork course

Deepen your breathwork knowledge? : Pranayama/ breathwork cours and Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor course

Want to make the mind and body more healthy and strong with gentle and slow movements and breathing practices? : QiGong course

Do you want to make some drastic changes in your life or are very committed to getting the most out of your life? : 40-days of Transformation course

Are you having trouble sleeping or want to improve your sleep?: The Ultimate Sleeping Couse

Are you already practicing a lot of breathwork and pranayama and want to deepen your knowledge and start guiding and teaching others?: Breathwork Instructor Course


Course descriptions


7-days essentials course

breathwork online course

A 7-day course with 2 daily 20 minute sessions to train mind and body and learn basic, yet powerful movement, breathing and meditation techniques to make your life a beautiful one. Besides the mind and body training, you will also drastically change your habitual patterns into more wholesome ones.
This course is for everyone that is interested in creating healthy habitual patterns,  improving their mental and physical health and training the mind.
Before doing the ‘Breath is Life’, ‘40-Days of Transformation’, or the meditation course we would recommend you to do this course first.

Pranayama/ breathwork

BIL course image

A course for those that want to learn how to use the breath to bring health, strength and clarity to mind and body. For complete beginners and advanced practitioners. It is the most complete breathwork/ pranayama course available. 

A perfect course for anyone that wants to learn to use their breath to make mind and body more strong and healthy and connect with their ‘True Source’. Highly recommended for Yoga practitioners & teachers, Meditation practitioners & teachers to deepen their practice. Also essential for athletes, athletes, healers, life coaches. For people that want to treat insomnia, depression, overthinking, low energy, restlessness and for those that want to train the mind and awareness..

Because this course is so very extensive it is recommended to anyone.

Meditation course

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Deepen your understanding of mind and emotional system. Highly recommended for those wanting to cultivate a peaceful mind, de-stress, relief from past trauma, clear blocked emotions, stop overthinking. This course is both for beginners and also highly recommended for people that are practicing yoga and meditation already.

This is an extensive meditation course with lots of guided meditation sessions and explanations about the workings of the mind and emotional system and how to apply this knowledge in daily life. 

QiGong movement, breathwork & meditation course

online qigong course

QiGong is a gentle, yet powerful practice of slow movements, breathing and meditation.
This is one of the most extensive online QiGong courses and therefore interesting for advanced practitioners, and people that are new to this practice. 

This course is recommended for both young and old, if you have no flexibility or are practicing yoga for a long time already; this course will be very interesting for everyone.

40-days of Transformation


A 6-week intense mind & body training program for those that are serious about training the mind to develop the ability to manifest a meaningful and abundant life. In 40-days you can change your life into a more wholesome and meaningful life by changing your habitual patterns, keeping a daily journal, training mind & body and changing your diet.
This course is for those that are willing to dedicate 2 x 30 minutes a day of their time to do the training practices and watch the ‘Inner wisdom lectures’.
It is a prerequisite to have done the 7-days essentials course first. 

The Ultimate Sleeping Course


Improve your sleep - Improve your life

This course offers you all the tools and knowledge to greatly improve your sleep. This course consists of over 30 video tutorials, lessons and guided meditation sessions. A sleep journal, sleep tracking PDF and inner vision sessions. Choose from several physical exercise videos to open up, strengthen and prepare the body for a good night sleep.

Based on the course feedback 92% of people report that implementing simple changes in daily habits, change in diet, and listening to guided meditations helped them to sleep better.

Life Awareness Breathwork Instructor Course


In this extensive 4-week training program, one will be taught extensively about the science behind breathwork, safety, how to create sessions responsibly, and how to arrange his life financially to generate an honest way of living out of one's teaching.

Above that, this course is also an inner transformation journey of 4 weeks, not only by doing lots of daily breathwork and mind training sessions, but also by daily journaling and life-reflecting assignments to get a deeper understanding of why you live your life in the way you are living it now, and what is blocking you to fulfill your heart's calling.

We strongly believe that in order to become a great teacher, one must really know the subject thoroughly to be able to share this knowledge with others. You cannot share what you don't have, so a good teacher has to LIVE it, and not just learn some knowledge. One has to develop to really BE a good teacher, and not just a "certified" teacher on paper that only knows certain facts with the mind.

One becomes a great teacher when one has cultivated the connection, energy and wisdom to share. True understanding comes from experiencing the depth of the mind and hearth and the power of the breath that can lead you there.

‘The Breath is Life’ course is a prerequisite to do this course.  This is the reason why one first must have done the "Breath is Life" course and must have understood and been familiar with all the breathing & pranayama practices. Then, in the Breathwork Instructor Course, one will be taught extensively about the science behind breathwork, safety, how to create sessions responsibly, and how to arrange his life financially to generate an honest way of living out of one's teaching.

You will learn a lot about sequencing, setting up sessions (also for children & elderly). Most importantly though, you will UNDERSTAND why & when to do which type of breathing practice so you can autonomously create your own sequences and sessions. 

You can compare it with a cooking course. In some, you will just learn how to make some great recipes. In some great courses you will learn not only how to create the recipes, but also learns the art of how to truly smell, taste and design a plate, understand all the ingredients, and understand why a recipe works and how to create a recipe. A course like that teaches you to be a chef that understands how to create new recipes yourself.

That is what this course is all about. You will learn sequences, but more importantly, you will learn to experience and deeply understand the techniques so you can start teaching from the soul and not just from memorized sequences. You will take time to experience the depths of breathwork, meditation, mind and emotional system, and teach from that inner wisdom.