Live event Amsterdam 2023
Yoga Session - Fully Activiate Mind & Body-7

Live event Amsterdam 2023

A transformative movement, breathwork and mediation session to awaken your full potential

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Join Michaël Bijker for a profound journey of movement, breathwork, and mind training that will ignite your dormant potential and propel you towards self-realization. Explore the profound connection between body, breath, and mind as we will do empowering practices that will unleash your inner power, cultivate mindfulness, and tap into the limitless possibilities within you! Don't miss this life-altering opportunity! Secure your place now and embrace the path to unlocking your full potential! 🌬️💫🙌

When: Saturday 15 July - 13:00 - 14:30
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
BodyTime Studio, Jacob Van Lennepkade 245
Price: Free