Breath and body relaxation through breathwork

Breath and body relaxation through breathwork

When you free your breath, nobody can steal your inner peace.
Breathing "Prana" - life energy
Breath is the most important thing in our lives because it literally gives us life!
By elevating the quality of our breath, we can enhance and expand our lives. The amount of oxygen our brain and organs receive makes a huge difference in the way they function—and, ultimately, in the way we feel. We are all about feeling great and living in the high vibrational emotions of love, joy and freedom, and our breath is one of the key tools that allow us to do just that.
Breathing properly on a philosophical level helps increase our consciousness and awareness levels and has been proven to help digestion, balance, posture, change your brainwaves and lower stress levels.
How to breathe
Most of us weren’t taught to breathe correctly. The correct way is to breathe into the belly, not the chest. Expand your stomach out on the inhale and contract it on the exhale. Most people do it the opposite way! We want to breathe this to pull the diaphragm down and move the blood in the lowest part of the lungs, which is the richest for oxygen. To practice this, put both hands over your belly button. Breathe in and feel your stomach expand, then breathe out and push the stomach gently back in with it. The more you practice this, the more natural it becomes.
This is the first step to expanding both your breath capacity and higher levels of health and happiness!
Connect to your breath
It’s so important to have a conscious relationship with our breath! Even though we breathe unconsciously, when we consciously connect, everything changes. It allows us to come to the present moment and be grounded, which is what we need to manifest and bring abundance and prosperity into our lives.
Check your breathing patterns

Start to pay attention to your breathing patterns and speed.

Try timing yourself for one minute and see how many breath cycles you take.
The goal is to have eight or fewer breaths per minute. Once you have your number, work to take slower, longer breaths regularly. Over time, slower breaths will be the norm for you!
Start your day with 3 minutes of deep breathing
The other 23 hours and 57 minutes of your day will go so much better.
Setting up your day in a grateful, calm place will improve your vibration, point of attraction and overall wellness.
Put on some music and get blissed out before your shower. Try a cold shower - give it a shot! - to boost your energy levels.
"When you’re mindful of your breath in all your daily activities, you’ll be able to elevate your vibration and feel higher frequency emotions like true joy and happiness." 
Meditating and doing the three minutes of breathing in the morning is the first step, consciously breathing is the next.
Set a timer on your phone called “Breath Check” a few times a day and use it as a reminder to check your breath.
Keep exploring the wonderful power of breathwork & meditation.

Before you know it, you’ll naturally start doing

this throughout the day!

Wishing you all peace, love and good energy.


24 January 2021

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