Explore a change of mind/life through meditation
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Explore a change of mind/life through meditation

Are you an optimist? Do you see the best in every situation and the lesson in every challenge? Or do you find yourself feeling like a victim to your circumstances, passively reacting to your situations rather than being proactive about creating them? Given the choice, wouldn’t we all rather think positively?

Good news: the choice IS yours! You are given the choice every moment of your life and the power of positive thinking changes much more than your outlook. Choosing to think positively also has an effect on the reality in which you live, both physically and mentally. Here are three ways changing the way you think has the power to physically change your world.

Creating new brain patterns

Positive emotions connected to activities create a lot more than a feeling of happiness. Positive thinking fires up your creativity and opens your mind to many possibilities, whereas negative emotions tend to narrow our focus to limited outcomes such as fight or flight. Positive thinking allows your brain to process alternative scenarios from a space of abundance, giving you access to alternative scenarios, outcomes and opportunities you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Changing your Brain Chemistry

Every thought you have changes the chemistry of your physical brain, but positive thinking has also been linked to the growth of new connections and neural pathways inside the skull. Recent studies have seen neuroscientists discover that the brains of optimistic people are more active in the prefrontal cortex. Your prefrontal cortex shifts reality by deciphering what is important, based on the amount of time you spend thinking about it. So if you focus on the negative your brain will respond by building more pathways that support this outlook. Shift your thinking to regular optimism and your brain will register your positive thoughts as important and build neural pathways to support a more positive reality. Your thoughts really do become things.

How to Harness the Power of Positivity?

You can harness the power of positive thinking to change your physical reality in a number of ways. Meditation can encourage you to stop and listen to the messages you currently tell yourself, whilst repeating mantras and affirmations can rewrite your brain’s structure overtime to shift into a more positive mindset. Once you are able to choose your thoughts, you can choose your reality. We are infinitely powerful and our potential is waiting to be awakened!

Keep taking time to develop inner peace and strength through breathwork and meditation/ mind-training.

May all be blessed with peace, love and wisdom.

30 May 2018

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