How To Nurture Yourself With Healthy Eating
healthy nutrition

How to nurture yourself and Michaël's diet

Let food be thy medicine"

Nurture Yourself With Good Food

I would like to share with you some ideas about nutrition and how it affects our body and life energy. Because in essence; you are what you eat, and you can literally eat yourself sick or healthy.

Our eating habits and food choices reflect our attitudes about providing ourselves with nourishment. For many of us, our relationship with food can carry emotional baggage and is something to approach with patience and compassion.

By bringing awareness to our food, taking time to notice how it supports our being alive, eating becomes a sacred act. An act of receiving new life energy and nourishment for body and soul. Therefore it is important to eat with a grateful mindset.

Tap into the power of a wholesome and healthy living

Eating to nurture the body

When we eat we basically take in the elements our body needs to function, repair, grow, etc. Many of us though, eat only to satisfy our taste sensations. Some foods are made in factories merely to give taste sensations and there is no nutritious value at all. Most of these foods are actually more harmful than wholesome. It costs the body more energy to digest the food than it gives and in a lot of cases can even add toxins to the body.

You are alive because of life energy, so make sure the food you eat has lots of life energy in it. You see the difference between food that has been heavily processed, made to stay on a shelf for months and void of any life, and fresh fruits and vegetables with life energy still in them.

Mindset is just as important as nutrition

When eating it is very important to have a grateful and relaxed mindset. I have talked a lot about how one's state of mind affects the state of the body. So if one is eating and worrying about whether there is the right nutrition in the food, or if it is harmful, triggers ones allergy, etc..., the mind will create tension in the digestive system and body and this will not be beneficial at all. When eating with a relaxed, grateful mindset has a great positive effect on how it is digested and the impact the food has on the body.
Be grateful for the fact you have food and you may eat, this is very important. 

Some basic rules for a healthy diet

Everybody's body is different and we all have other needs. There are some general rules however that apply to all of us.

  • Eat healthy, unprocessed, fresh foods.
  • Best are organic foods, however, if you can not purchase/grow organic food, don’t worry about it.
  • A vegetarian diet is recommended.
  • Eat enough plant protein like beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc...
  • Avoid eating a lot of bread with yeast, sugar, excess salt.
  • Drink enough water (on a normal day about 1,5 liter. On a hot day more, a cold day less). Drinking too much is also not good.
  • Listen carefully to your reaction to the foods that you eat. This should be your most important guideline.

I often get the question of what my nutrition contains, what diet I am following etc... Well, here it is ;-)

My own personal healthy diet in a nutshell...
  • Brown rice with stir-fried (with very little oil and water) or steamed vegetables and legumes (chickpeas, or beans, or peas, etc.) with good miso sauce and a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil or/and tahini (sesame paste).
  • Morning is fruits shake (I don’t use very acidic fruits like oranges, kiwi, etc... for this) with rice milk or oat milk, with rice or millet.
  • I mostly avoid white bread, sugars and deep-fried stuff.
  • I pray and give thanks before eating my food.

By honoring our bodies and tending to our own well-being, we can show up more fully and show our appreciation for the precious gift of life that we are given.

May abundance, love and light keep flowing through our life,


6 June 2021

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