Letting go of anger and irritation through breathwork
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Letting go of anger and irritation through breathwork

“Even when in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary.”

- Stephan Richards -

We have all been there when anger or/and irritation lingers just around the corner.

In moments of anger or irritation, I would like to invite you to

Observe yourself and describe your emotions, take some deep breaths and feel what is going on in your body

Before you know it, your anger might have vanished!

Meditation and breathwork are such powerful tools and throughout meditation, you will notice that you will be pulled back to the present moment and noticing how and where you are/were carrying those feelings. Do not try to judge them or try to change them; just observe them. Do some gentle breathing techniques and learn to melt stressful emotions with calm breathing.

It's so soothing. How you will feel like you are the observer, and although your angry and irritating feelings were certainly a real part of your human experience, you will realize that you don't have to let them rule you or your life.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that emotions aren’t valid, or that we shouldn’t have feelings about things that happen in our lives. I do believe, though, we can move forward in the most helpful and joyful way possible if we take the time to observe those feelings and get some distance from them.

I think noticing and describing emotions allows for the best outcome. If you’ve been mistreated by someone, by all means, allow yourself that anger and irritation. From there, though, step back. Take a look at what you’re saying to yourself and where that irritation lives.

Once you’ve done that and given yourself some distance, then make your next move. Making a decision from a place of stillness and reflection can only make your life better.

This is a practice that, takes practice. Remind yourself to do it, and frankly, sometimes you won’t want to, sometimes you just want to stay mad.

Give it a try, you'll see that it's worth it. You'll be finding yourself a calmer and more centered person.

Avoid judging yourself and your emotions.

Try to see your emotions as separate from the real you. I believe that at our core we’re compassionate and loving beings. The stories our minds tell us—about how we’ve been wronged or how things should be different are just that: stories.

Let yourself observe what the mind is telling you. Let yourself observe how those stories are causing you to feel. Take the time to really describe, in detail, what you’re telling yourself and what you’re feeling on a physical level. Are your shoulders up to your ears? Is your chest tight? What’s your face doing? Do you feel hot? Do you feel like you’re in slow motion? Describe it all.

Taking the time to increase your awareness and observing yourself will improve your life in just a short time, and I truly believe it can make anyone’s life more peaceful.

Keep exploring the wonderful power of meditation and breathwork :)

Sending you all love, inner peace and blessings!

25 May 2021

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