Breathwork and meditation knowledge

Breathwork and meditation knowledge

A wise man once said:
Knowledge is for sharing, and not for business. Because true richness is in how much one can share, and not in how much one possesses.
The goal of the Life Awareness project is to share the knowledge to take care of mind and body with everyone. Especially at this time, it is crucial that people learn how to take care of their mind and body and we offer you the techniques to do this. We offer online courses for free for those that cannot afford them. Otherwise, a course will cost only 9.99€ (11US$) to help support the project.
This is a time of change, and you should change with it. Humanity has such wonderful potential. YOU have such wonderful potential. I hope you can take the time to develop your true power within.
Life Awareness 7 Day Essentials Course
In the past months, I have been preparing a new course for you: The Life Awareness 7-Day Essentials Course to change habitual patterns and learn some powerful breathing and meditation techniques.
After doing this 7-day course you will have learned the techniques and set the motion for true inner transformation and empowerment.
I selected the most essential theories and sessions you can do to train the mind and body.
What you will learn in this course:
  • Create a habit pattern to take care of mind and body, every day
  • A powerful sequence of movement, breathwork and meditation
  • A deeper understanding of mind and emotions and how to work with them
  • Use the power of mind and emotions to create a better life

When you will do the course you will receive access to a private Facebook group to share your experiences, support each other and stay motivated. During the course, you can ask all the questions you have regarding the practices that you’ve been learning.
You can sign up or find more information about the course below.
Keep connecting with the wonderful techniques of pranayama & meditation.
Wishing you all the best with that!
2 January 2021

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