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Complete QiGong Course (QiGong Movement, Breathwork, Meditation)

Benefits of this QiGong Movement, Breathwork, Meditation course

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improves vascular function
  • Heal mind & body
  • Increased balance
  • Relieves stress, anxiety & depression
  • A boost in energy levels
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Train mind and body through gentle QiGong movement & breathing techniques

QiGong is a method of slow movement, breathing and meditation techniques to develop strength, health and inner peace. These gentle, yet powerful techniques will train the mind and body to be in optimum condition and to realize one's “True Nature”.

This is one of the most extensive online QiGong courses and therefore interesting for the advanced practitioner, as for everyone completely new to QiGong.

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Who is this course for?
  • Because this course is very extensive, it is recommended both for complete beginners and advanced practitioners.
  • This course is recommended for both young and old, if you have no flexibility or are practicing yoga for a long time already.
  • Everyone that wants to get stronger, healthier and happier
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What is included in this course?
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS - Access to over 20 online (9.5 hours) QiGong movement, breathwork and meditation instruction videos and sessions.
  • BRAIN ENHANCING AUDIO - 2 sessions (downloadable) to harmonize your brain waves for better sleeping, relaxation and pineal gland activation
  • ONE YEAR ACCESS - You will have 1-year access to the course material.
  • CERTIFICATION UPON COMPLETION - When you complete this online QiGong course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
learn QiGong online

A complete QiGong course available anytime and anywhere.

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Over 9 hours of HD video shot on beautiful locations

Online QiGong 2

25 QiGong movement, breathwork and meditation techniques


Develop strength and focus

QiGong Sessions

QiGong 'Five Healing Sounds' practice

QiGong online

Learn several QiGong warm-up techniques

Learn QiGong

QiGong theory & history

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Free bonus: 2 Brain Enhancing Audio© sessions

QiGong 2

Receive a certification of completion

QiGong certification
Learning the movements
  • How to do this course
  • A short explanation about QiGong
  • General practice notes
  • Learning the movements: session 1
  • Meditation after session 1
  • 'Inner Cosmic Smile' theory
  • QiGong Theory: “More than just a physical exercise”
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  • Importance of warm-up
  • Just warm up session
  • QiGong session: Sequence 1 - 'Opening up the energy system'
  • Learning the movements: Sequence 2 - 'Expanding'
  • Meditation after session 2
  • Qigong session: Sequence 2 - 'Expanding'
  • QiGong theory: A talk about energy
  • Learning the movements: Sequence 3 - 'A body of pure energy'
  • Meditation after session 3
  • QiGong session: Sequence 3 - 'A body of Pure Energy'
  • QiGong Self Massage
  • Zan Zhuang - Standing Meditation
  • Complete 'Ocean of Energy' QiGong session (45 minutes)
  • 'Ocean of Energy' Session - Printable PDF
Breathwork & Meditation
  • How to sit properly for breathing and meditation sessions
  • Basics of breath 1 - Connecting with abdominal area (lower Dan Tien)
  • Basics of breath 2 - Whole body breathing
  • Basics of breath - 3 step breathing
  • Root lock/ Anal lock/ Lower energy lock
  • Dan tien - Energy centers
  • Rising energy breath - Breathing into Dan Tien centers
  • Connecting with the upper Dan Tien center - Bees breath
  • Ocean breathing session 1 : Explanation and practical
  • Ocean Breathing session 2 : Centering and opening
  • Snake & Dragon Breathing - Spinal Breathing.
  • A deeper understanding about breathing and Qi
  • Vipasana meditation theory
  • Vipasana meditation - Guided meditation session
  • Cosmic Breathing Theory
  • Cosmic breathing & meditation session
Taoist breathing techniques
  • QiGong/ Taoist Breathing practices explained
  • QiGong (Taoist) breathing practices
  • Part 2 - 'Buddhist Breathing' explained
  • 'Buddhist Breathing' session
  • Part 3 - 'Taoist Breathing' explained
  • 'Taoist Breathing' session
  • Part 4 - 'Embryonic Breathing' explained
  • 'Embryonic Breathing' session: Breathing Life energy
  • 'Embryonic breathing' 5 minute session
Healing QiGong
  • QiGong sound healing practice
  • QiGong Healing sound theory lecture 1
  • How to do the 6 Healing sounds
  • Healing sound theory lecture 2
  • QiGong 6 Healing sounds: Healing session
  • Internal organs: A QiGong perspective on functions, emotions and healing.
  • What is the “Triple burner”
QiGong theory for deeper study
  • Qi - Jing - Shen. The three Jewels
  • QiGong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga. What they have in common
  • Origens of QiGong
  • Many different styles of QiGong
  • Deeper insight on Daoism
  • Theory: Your mind is like a garden, learn to cultivate it.
  • Cultivating gratitude
  • Embracing everything in life
  • Brain Enhancing Audio Sessions
  • 'Universal Being' - Guided meditation session
  • 'Healing mind& body'- Guided meditation
  • COMPLETE SESSION: Movement - Breathwork - Meditation session
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Start your training today!

Learn QiGong movement, breathing and meditation techniques to develop strength, health and inner peace.

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  • Learn to heal yourself by practicing QiGong
  • Open up your energy system & move the energy in your body
  • QiGong for building strength, improving memory & enhancing creativity
  • Experience higher states of awareness
  • Get familiar with the 12 most effective QiGong poses
  • Bonus: Ancient QiGong/ Taoist breathing practices
  • Bonus: 6 QiGong healing sounds
  • Bonus: Extra guided QiGong Meditation & Breathwork sessions
  • Bonus: Learn about the different types of QiGong

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