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The Starter Movement, Breathwork & Meditation Training

Benefits of this course

  • A boost in energy levels
  • Heal mind & body
  • Brain empowerment & better focus
  • Build healthy habits
  • Relieves stress, anxiety & depression
  • Boost your immune system
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The essential tools to train mind & body

In this course we have combined the most effective and profound mind & body training methods to get healthy, empowered, and experience a more joyful life. By taking 2 x 20 minutes a day you are able to make some drastic changes in your life.

Enhance your life with Body, Breathwork, and Meditation training
A 7-day course to train mind & body and get a better understanding about your life. Learn simple, yet powerful movement, breathing, and meditation techniques and drastically change your habitual patterns into more wholesome ones.

Actualizing the best version of yourself starts today!

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Who is this course for?
  • Everyone that wants to get stronger, healthier and happier
  • For those wanting to cultivate a peaceful mind, de-stress, relief from past trauma, clear blocked emotions, stop overthinking.
  • If you want to develop your full mental and emotional capabilities.
  • If you want to drastically improve your habitual patterns.
Habitual patterns
What is included in this course?
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS - Access to over 40 online lectures and guided breathwork and mind training sessions (over 9 hours of HD video material) accessible anywhere at anytime.
  • WARMUP & EXERCISE VIDEOS - Choose from several physical exercise videos to open up, strengthen and prepare the body for the breathing practices.
  • PRINTABLE WORK SHEETS - Handy printable worksheets for daily routines, schedules and tips.
  • BRAIN ENHANCING AUDIO - 2 sessions (downloadable) to harmonize your brain waves for better sleeping, relaxation and pineal gland activation
  • ONE YEAR ACCESS - You will have 1-year access to the course material.
  • CERTIFICATION UPON COMPLETION - When you complete this online 7 Day Essentials course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
mind & body training program

A complete mind & body training program

breathwork meditation starter online course

All course material is available for all devices like tablets, laptops, desktop and mobile devices.

Over 30 lessons to create strength, focus and health


Tap into the true power of mind & emotions

mind - training

Write down what you want to manifest and how to get this done

breathwork and meditation

Meditation and mind training sessions

online breathwork course

Breathwork & pranayama sessions

pranayama and mind training

Simple, yet powerful strength & flexibility exercises


Brain Enhancing Audio© sessions

learn breathwork
Day 1
  • THEORY (morning): Daily life routine
  • SESSION (morning) : LAP Essentials session
  • THEORY (evening): Everything you repeat you become better at
  • SESSION (evening) : Essential breathing technique 1: 3 Step Breathing
Joining the Life Awareness Inner Circle Group
  • Joining the 'Life Awareness Inner Circle' Facebook group
Extra audio for deep relaxation
  • Brain Enhancing Audio Sessions
Day 2
  • THEORY (morning) : Happiness is an inside job
  • SESSION (morning) : Essential breathing technique 2: Energy Awakening Spinal Breathing
  • THEORY (evening) : How to sit correctly for Breathing and meditation sessions
  • SESSION (evening): Essential breathing technique 3: Ocean breathing
Day 3
  • THEORY (morning) : How the mind affects your reality
  • SESSION (morning) : LAP Essentials Session
  • THEORY (evening) : Cultivating gratitude
  • SESSION (evening): Ocean Breathing session - Breathing into meditation
  • Need support?
Day 4
  • THEORY (morning) : Inner Cosmic smile
  • SESSION (morning): LAP Essentials Session (learn to do it by yourself)
  • THEORY (evening): What is Happiness & Suffering
  • THEORY for the evening session: Essential breathing technique 4: Cosmic Breathing - Brahmanda Pranayama
  • SESSION (evening) Essential breathing technique 4: Cosmic breathing meditation
Day 5
  • THEORY (morning): The true power of the heart and mind
  • SESSION (morning): LAP Essentials Session (Learn to do it by yourself)
  • THEORY (evening): Expanding and releasing with the breath
  • SESSION (evening): Clearing mind and body - expanding & releasing with the breath
Day 6
  • THEORY (morning): Tapping into the source
  • SESSION (morning) : LAP Essentials Session (Learn to do it by yourself)
  • SESSION (evening): Essential meditation technique - Developing peace within
  • THEORY (evening): Life diet for mind and body
Day 7
  • THEORY (morning) : Marathon runner
  • SESSION (morning): LAP Essentials Session (Learn to do it by yourself)
  • SESSION (evening): Essential Meditation technique - Learning to observe
  • THEORY (evening): What is success?
Continuing your journey
  • Continuing your journey: Daily practice & diving deeper into the techniques and teaching
  • Getting clear what you want and write down your goals
EXTRA Longer Complete Sessions
  • QiGong/ Yoga creating abundance ( 'Life Design Course' - Manifesting Power of Mind & Heart )
  • Advanced Pranayama Session ( 'Breath is Life' - Complete Breathwork & Pranayama course)
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Start your training today!

In 7 days you will learn all the essential tools to train your mind & body consistently.

yoga breathwork course online
  • Conveniently build the habit of taking care of yourself on a daily basis
  • Learn the best 14 Movement, Breathwork & Meditation techniques out there
  • Learn how to work with mind & emotions effectively
  • Loaded with simple, but transformative tips for a better quality of life
  • Exclusive access to the “Life Awareness Inner Circle“ group
  • Bonus: Free Brain Enhancing Audio files
  • Bonus: Journaling sessions to get clarity on your life vision
  • Bonus: QiGong - Abundance Manifestation session
  • Bonus: Advanced Pranayama session

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