Our life purpose, why do we live?
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Our life purpose, why do we live?

I hope you are all very well and flowing through your lives.

Today I want to share some thoughts on what this journey of life means to us.

You are a unique being and you are born with the capacity to fulfill many beautiful purposes in your lifetimes.

The question is: how do you know your purpose? And, as your life changes, how do you reconnect with your purpose during the next chapter of your life?

As long as you are connected with your true self, the self that is free of ego, and free of judgment, of fear and anxiety, you will be able to connect with your purpose. Not from a place of mind, but from the heart. And connecting with your heart is something that we can train. Very simple and every day.

Ask yourself: what do you need to get out of your mind and into your heart space? What makes you feel that you can just be?

Whether it is an evening meditation, a breathwork session, picking flowers, a run, painting, caring for someone in need, or dancing in your bedroom: the more often you can bring these moments into your life, the more you practice finding your way out of your mind and into your heart space. When you start living from your heart, the mind becomes quiet. And when the mind becomes quiet, you can start listening to your inner voice. This voice, your compass, is always there for you and will, again and again, guide you into living your true purpose.

By living from the heart, you learn to live free from fear and judgment that are blocking you from listening to your inner voice.
It is your inner voice that always knows your true purpose.

You can also learn to set yourself free from anxiety through some simple breathwork techniques. 

I would highly recommend doing the '7 days essential course', but do the
breathing techniques are given in the course a bit gentler (not with full


If you feel you have created some healthier habitual patterns in the '7-day essentials course' you can carry on learning in the Breath is Life course.

I do believe I can positively guide you to connect with your inner Power with the "Breath is Life" course.

I welcome you to listen to your heart’s voice, and always know that you are unique and beautiful.

You are worthy of living your purpose, and together we are creating a true, loving and inspiring world.

Keep exploring the wonderful power of breathwork.

Wishing you all peace, love and good energy.

5 February 2021

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