How Breathwork Helps With Addiction | Breathwork Meditation
instructor freeing himself from addiction through breathwork

How to free yourself from addiction through breathwork

Break Your Addiction With Breathwork Meditation

Almost everyone has some sort of bad habit or addiction in their life. Whether this is an addiction to drugs, attention, watching the screen, drama or food. If we want to get rid of these bad habits in our lives there are some important steps to do this.
The first important thing is to recognize what habit does or does not serve us. Think about if a habit is really giving you something. If it is adding something to your life and health, or is it just taking from you.

Then understanding what you want to get out of it every time you do it.
An addiction or bad habit comes from the desire to feel a moment of fulfillment, to feel a moment of completeness, or to not feel pain or heartache. A moment to feel "Yes, it is now all good I feel fine", a moment to feel fulfillment.  Some find this at the moment when eating lots of chocolate, or when there is alcohol running through the veins, or drugs. Or maybe bulge watching series or gossiping about others. By doing that the emptiness is only momentarily filled, but as soon as the substance is out of the body, the belly is empty or when one is alone again, the feeling of discomfort with oneself starts again. 

Because there is this desire to fill up an emptiness that can only be momentarily filled, it is essential to find that fulfillment within yourself. To cultivate a state of 'it is all OK' and feel completeness in 'just being'. To cultivate that completeness one first might have to cultivate forgiveness, clear the heart and mind of anger, sadness or disappointment.  To do this I will give you a guided meditation session link at the end of this talk. 

By doing meditation and breathwork we learn to rewire the brain, reprogram your mind and heal the emotional system. So every day, take a moment to do breathwork and meditation.

Another important aspect is that when you want to get rid of a bad habit, you must replace it with a good habit. Find things you enjoy doing that are more beneficial for your health, like sports, going for walks, meeting up with people that give positive energy. Get into the habit of training a happy and healthy mind and body.

To cultivate healing and contentment by doing breathwork and meditation.
In this day and age, there is a lot of addiction and I believe this is partly to the fact that we are not feeding the spiritual side of our being. We are both spiritual and physical beings that will feel a disconnection or emptiness when not living in line with our spirit and higher self. Feed the spiritual side of yourself and find a connection with the divine, the source, with God.
Lastly, 2 very powerful methods: The setting of intention ("I will live free from addiction," "I will live with inner peace and contentment"). And also prayer, asking the greater Life, God, the source to support you in your willpower and understanding to live free from addiction and bad habits.
Keep taking time to develop inner peace and strength through breathwork, movement and mind training/ meditation.

May all be blessed with peace, love and wisdom,

6 July 2021

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