What is the difference between a breathwork and pranayama teacher?
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What is the difference between a breathwork and pranayama teacher?

Michaël Bijker - 28 June 2022

"I get the question a lot about what the difference is between being a pranyama teacher, or a breathwork instructor. Both Pranayama and breathwork involve breathing techniques to activate, balance, harmonize and cleanse mind, body and nervous system. 

However, not all breathing techniques are pranayama techniques. Some modern deep breathing techniques (hyperventilative techniques) are about unblocking the emotional system and mind and these work on a gross level of our being. Pranayama is much more profound than this and is about purifying the energy system and deep meditation to know your true Self. Almost anyone can teach gross-level breathing techniques which can be very helpful when done in a safe way, but few can teach true pranayama. Pranayama goes on a much more profound level. A much more subtle level of our being. To teach this one has to have understood meditation properly and the flows of energy of life (prana) , mind and emotions.

Teaching breathing techniques make one a breathwork teacher, but to be a pranayama teacher one has to have a much deeper understanding of the subtler layers of this reality. Though I do teach these more profound layers in my courses as well and I guide people into 'knowing their true Self', one has to deepen their knowledge about all aspects of the 8 limbs of this yogic system, before they can be a pranayama teacher. So if one has already done yoga teacher trainings or has a lot of yogic knowledge already, then he/she can call him/herself a pranayama teacher after this course.

Peace and blessings, Michaēl"


28 June 2022

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