Boost confidence through breathwork and meditation
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Boost confidence through breathwork and meditation

You Are Stronger Than You Think
Most insecurities are superficial and are driven by irrational fears, but we all have moments when we could use a confidence boost and power up in a positive way that will make us feel more empowered and ready for anything.
The truth is, all you have to do is show up in the right way, with the right intention and an open-minded attitude.
So tap into that infinite energy, inner wisdom and awaken your inner warrior.
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Here are a few tools for you to include in your practice to boost your confidence and help you feel effortlessly empowered:
1. Hold the power in your hands
 Practice Prithivi mudra, by simply touching the tip of the ring (fourth) finger with the tip of the thumb. It will help to charge the root chakra, Muladhara, and activate its stabilizing, earthy qualities - helping you to feel more grounded and established in yourself. This mudra can also help you to free yourself from irrational thoughts and fears.
2. Make a sound like a little humming bee
Practice Brahmari pranayama or humming Bee breath. It will instantly calm you down and dispel anxiety and make you feel more focused. To practice, sit up straight in a quiet space, free of distractions. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, keep the lips together and make an Mmmmm-sound.
You may feel a subtle vibration on the lips and/or around the jaw and back of the skull. Observe the sensations within the body and repeat between 10-15 times. You can place your fingers in your ears to tune your external stimulus, but some people prefer not to.
3. Use Ujjayi
Ujjayi isn’t called "Victorious breath" for nothing. Use it to keep the mind calm and focused and to overcome difficultly.
Breath in and out slowly and deeply, contracting the throat slightly to make an ocean-like sound. As you listen to your breath, call to mind your objective and affirmation, and allow the mind to still. Keep calm and let your concentration, confidence, courage, creative energy and sense of vitality increase with every inhale. Release any doubt or negativity on the exhale.
4. Practice self-love and empowerment through meditation
There is plenty of research to be found that suggests that meditation can help to increase self-confidence since it helps us to live more fully by embracing the moment and re-frames our relationship to suffering. Before we’re able to offer up kindness to the world, we must first support and love ourselves, so start to practice kindness towards ourselves.
➸ Sit in a comfortable place, upright, and begin to observe the breath as it comes in and as it goes out.
➸ Bring your focus to your heart center, and with each inhale, breathe in love and compassion and kindness, allowing it to envelop and radiate into the very core of you, as you feel your heart start to soften and yourself becoming more open.
➸ Keep calm and let your concentration, confidence, courage, creative energy, and sense of vitality increase with every inhale. With each exhale release any negativity, tension, or resistance.
➸ With each breath, move yourself to a place of gratitude and consider all the things you have to be thankful for in acknowledging all the things good in your life.
➸ When you’re ready, take a few full deep breaths to close the practice.
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Wishing you peace, love and wisdom.

22 January 2021

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