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4 pillars for a healthy and happy life

Reclaim Your Spark For Life with Breathwork

Do you feel like your life is running on autopilot and you are just going through the motions? Are you feeling uninspired, unmotivated and disconnected from yourself and others? 

Have you lost that spark for life that makes everything worth living for? Then ask yourself: “How much time am I willing to spend every day to ignite that spark again?”. By implementing some simple, yet powerful changes in your daily life you will make a great difference in a matter of days! 

4 pillars for a happy and healthy life.

1. Diet

You are what you eat! So eat what nurtures and energizes you, and take the things that are depriving you of energy out of your diet. If you eat only ‘crap’, you will feel like crap. So stop eating sugars and processed foods for a week and see how you feel. Also, detoxify your body with fresh fruit & veg juices and stop drinking alcohol for some time. You will already feel a great difference in a matter of days.

2. Move that body

Move your body, make your blood flow and release the energy! When you burn your calories, fat and energy, you also release a lot of chemicals in your brain that will make you feel happy and good. Your body will become fit, strong and energized. Your mind becomes clear and disciplined. Your body is the vehicle for your soul, it is your temple. So treat it well and take good care of it, and your soul will be a happy one.

3. Do what you love, and love what you do

Do what you love to do. Every day prioritize some of your time to do something that you enjoy. Also, find enjoyment in your work and do work that adds something to the life of others. Whether you are serving in a restaurant, being a cleaner, head of a company, an accountant or a yoga teacher. All these jobs might add something to the lives of others, and when you can do it in that mindset it will be fulfilling and enjoyable. 

On the other hand, doing something that involves cheating others, destroying nature, making people buy something they don’t need or making people’s lives miserable, will take your energy. You will pay a price for that. Find another way of doing your work because you will lose on a subtler level your energy and build up bad karma.

4. Breathwork & Meditation

As most of you already know: Through breathwork, you can energize, cleanse and strengthen your mind and body. Breathwork is a powerful technique that reconnects us with our body, mind and spirit. It calms the nervous system, reduces stress hormones, energizes and cleanses your entire being. Also, most importantly, you are able to realize that there is this state of peace, joy and fulfillment always within you. That spark of light; your divine consciousness! 

A simple breathing technique to implement in everyday life.

Here is a simple breathing practice that will help you to reclaim your spark for life.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing technique

The diaphragm is the muscle below your lungs. To breathe deeper and better with the diaphragm, do this:

  • Sit comfortably, and place one hand on your chest and one on your belly.
  • Envision the diaphragm muscle moving up and down as you breathe.
  • When you inhale, allow your belly to expand as your lungs fill with air, and your diaphragm moves down to accommodate your full lungs.
  • When you exhale, feel your belly contract as your diaphragm moves upward.
  • Now do this for 7 deep breaths followed by stopping the breath with the lungs half-full or empty for as long as you comfortably can. Then relax and feel your body. 

This is a technique you can do for 3 rounds. Always follow this with some moments of meditation. It works miracles.
You can also do this technique for just 3 breaths as a little ‘mini break’ in the office, at home or whenever you feel it is needed.

What are the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing?
  • Maintaining a more relaxed state by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Providing a level of holistic healing can help drastically in assisting with the re-aligning of your organs back into their natural positions.
  • Aiding in the overall healing of the core and pelvic floor.

I invite you to keep exploring the wonderful power of breathwork & pranayama. And if you have not checked out any of my courses yet, do them, it will improve your life on all levels :) 

Wishing you all peace, love and good energy.


3 August 2021

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