A man with a mission

A man with a mission

You have such incredible power, so much wisdom, so much deep knowledge. Yes you, this is all in you! Unfortunately, most people grow up in complete ignorance of this and go through life with difficulty, conflict and dissatisfaction. We grow up in a society where we learn that happiness is outside of yourself and depends on what your job is, how many possessions you have and whether you can win in a game of power, money and prestige. We have everything to have a happy and healthy life, but few people succeed in this.

20 years ago, after a near-fatal accident, Michaēl Bijker discovered how to use his maximum mental and physical capacity. For 20 years he has devoted his life to spreading these techniques to make optimal health and happiness achievable for everyone. His courses consist of the most impactful techniques such as Qigong, Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation combined with his own methods that have proved successful for thousands of students.

Michaēl is the founder of the Life Awareness Project (yogalap.com). An online learning platform with more than 80,000 students. We asked him to tell us how he got on this path.

Why do you think it is necessary for people to learn these techniques?

There is such great strength in us. A power to shape your life in a beautiful way, to make choices that are in line with what feels really right for you and to manifest a life full of abundance and satisfaction. It is actually very simple, but you have to apply the right methods. I believe there will come a time when people are going to discover this on a large scale, and this is going to make a big difference in how we interact with each other and how our world is going to be.

What has been a turning point in your life to embark on this life path?

20 years ago I was given one of the most beautiful gifts life can give; a near-fatal accident. “That's terrible! How can you see that as a gift!?”, I hear some people ask. But this accident showed me how precious life is, how important it is to be grateful, and what the power of the mind really means.

When I was 18 I went to Australia to travel around after high school. I bought an old car there with 2 friends to explore the country. After 3 weeks of celebrating a wonderfully free and rash life, we had a head-on collision with another car. Our speeds were 100 km/h, so that was a terrible blow. The car had flipped 3 times, completely destroyed, and it took us 3 hours to cut us out of the car. I was taken to the hospital by air ambulance and woke up there 3 days later. Fortunately, everyone survived, but not without injury. My vertebrae were broken in 2 places and my right arm was paralyzed. Doctors told me I would probably have to live with injuries for the rest of my life. Physically I was a wreck, but mentally something beautiful had happened.

In the hospital, I was really just grateful. Grateful that I had survived, grateful that I still had both legs, grateful that I got to experience this. Somehow I felt even more spiritually connected to 'the source' and was convinced that everything would be all right. Fortunately, I was already involved a lot with spirituality and mind training from a young age and was able to apply these techniques well in my rehabilitation. After that I started to take better care of my body and mind and then I traveled a lot to India, Nepal and Sri-Lanka, among others. There I gained a lot of knowledge about techniques such as QiGong, Yoga and meditation. It has been a long journey, but thank God I am now completely healthy again and my body and mind are functioning optimally.

When did this life mission become clear to you?

Partly because of this accident, I have come to realize that the basis of good physical and mental health is a strong mind and that this can be trained. Back in the Netherlands, I saw in my environment that so many people suffered from physical and mental complaints; from depression, anxiety disorders, and stress to back pain, insomnia and migraines. I was convinced that they too could be helped by the techniques that had been so successful for me. †

Then I started to share this knowledge and help others. It became my life mission to spread this knowledge to everyone. Creating a better world happens when each individual finds our strength and uses it to help others too. This works like a ripple effect, more and more people have started learning these techniques to become happier themselves, and therefore feel a strong desire to add something to the world so that they will also help others. It's beautiful to see. I am grateful that I have been able to train more than a thousand people to become respiratory coaches and counselors so that they can also teach others these techniques.

How can people learn these techniques?

I have created a 7-day program with breathing, movement and mind training techniques to develop that power within yourself (The Life Awareness Essentials course). In this, you learn 3 powerful breathing and movement techniques and cultivate a daily routine to create a life in which you get the most out of life, find satisfaction in what you do, and can really help others with your presence. There are several breathing, QiGong, Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation courses on my website. To make these courses accessible to everyone, you can pay as much as you can and the courses are free for those who can't afford it. Knowledge is for spreading and not for making money.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

We live in a dynamic time where much is changing in all areas of this reality. Look at changes in the climate, society, technological developments, but above all our consciousness. There is a real wave of change going through all layers of this reality. As a human being, you can tend towards fear and frustration, or you can develop yourself on a deeper level. Just like wave surfing, you can ride waves or you can drown in them. Tap into this wave of change and evolve your consciousness. This is a very special time to be alive.”

Do you want to learn to live in abundance, health and get the most out of yourself? Then join 80,000+ students whose lives have been transformed by these simple, powerful techniques. The courses are open to everyone and you can decide for yourself how much you want to donate to support Michaēl Bijker and his mission: https://yogalap.com

For those who want to read the article in Dutch ;) https://www.debeterewereld.nl/lichaam-geest/een-man-met-een-missie

8 February 2022

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