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With a continuously growing online and offline community in 176 countries, Yogalap’s 60.000+ students connect every day to find support on their journey and help others grow towards a healthy, meaningful and fulfilled life.

Our community is who we are

Once the techniques help you cultivating happiness within yourself, you automatically brighten up the world of others because they enjoy your happiness too! We call it the ripple effect of happiness. A simple mechanism that keeps our community growing and our students sharing the techniques with others, making this world a better place.

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What our community
values most

  • Weekly online live sessions with Michaël Bijker
  • Discussing one’s journey & finding support
  • Q&A, movement, spiritual talks & meditations
  • Cultivating knowledge, wisdom and health
  • Learning to facilitate and safely guide sessions
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What Yogalap students say

“Once I started to actually see Yogalap’s ripple effect of happiness touching upon my family and friends, my transformation rocketed and I never missed a practice ever since.” - Corrie G. 

“I never expected to feel so inspired by joining the yogalap community.” - H. Gerritsma

“It is truly empowering to become part of something so impactful that changes the world.” - Hari Prya