Cold water immersion
cold water breathwork

Cold water immersion

What Is Cold Water Therapy?

Cold water therapy (also known as cold hydrotherapy) is the practice of immersing oneself in water with a temperature below 10C°/ 50°F. This could be an outdoor swim in the river, the ocean or a pool or a brisk cold shower.

cold water therapy

Used by top athletes & therapists

This method is widely used across the globe by athletes, trainers, health professionals, and certified therapists for the wide range of amazing therapeutic results it has given.

Cold water immersion benefits:
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Alleviate Depression
  • Promote weight Loss
  • Cooldown method after workout
  • Instant mood lifter
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep improvement
  • Improve Mental focus
Ice bath breathwork

Everything you need to start today! 

I have created a simple, effective, and easy-to-follow course that will take you through the wonderful and scientifically-proven benefits of cold water immersion therapy. It will train both your mind and body, and will give you a world of gains for your health. 

During the length of this course, we will be guiding you accordingly on where to start, how to do this therapeutic practice safely, and optimize its benefits to your advantage.

breathwork cold water therapy
This Cold Water Immersion guide includes: 
  • Movement sessions
  • Breathing sessions
  • Ice bath sessions
    - 1 minute
    - 2 minutes 
  • Cooling down
  • Post-meditation

With wonderful bonuses such as mindfully created music and a journal that you can freely use with this amazing practice. 

Welcome to your course. May this lead you further to your utmost health and the best possible version of you!