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About Yogalap

Meet Michaël Bijker

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Creating a better world

Since 2016 the Life Awareness Project (yogalap) has been improving the mental and physical well-being of over 60.000 people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and educational levels in 176 countries by offering online and offline courses, a community platform, retreats and support to learn easy yet powerful techniques that awaken the full potential that is inside all of us.

Online Meditation Courses To Improve Your Mind & Body

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Founder & teacher

Michaël Bijker

Everyone has an endless source of divine power within to observe, heal and manifest. Yogalap founder Michaël Bijker felt a connection with that source since he started his spiritual journey at the age of 14. Four years later he was able to heal and recover from a devastating car crash due to the powerful methods of QiGong and Yoga and the grace of God. Medical professionals considered this almost impossible. Michaël has dedicated his life to helping others learn his powerful techniques ever since.

Michaël traveled the world for over a decade to deepen his study and practice in the power of mind and body focusing on Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Pranayama, QiGong, and other techniques. He developed techniques to cultivate that ‘light within’, give health, focus, and strength, and make you realize your calling and essence in life. His teachings are inspired by the masters he studied with, by Life, and by the wisdom that flows from being connected with one’s source.

Since 2010 Michaël has settled in Sagres, Portugal, to share his wisdom. He wakes up every day to help others realize one’s true essence and live a more healthy, purposeful, and empowered life.

Improve Your Mental & Physical Health With Meditation, Qigong & Breathwork

Everyone has a wonderful power within. A power to observe, heal and manifest. When one has truly felt this source within, one will live his life in the service of others, because that is the true purpose of this life. We are one and connected in spirit.